Biltong Mould, Everything You Need to Know in 10 Points

Bilong Mould, Everything You Need to Know in 10 Points

What is the white mold on my biltong? Are you worried about mold on your biltong? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep your biltong free from mold the easy way. This is a common question we see, but don’t panic yet! It’s probably not even mold you’re seeing. Today we’re taking a deep dive into the ” white stuff” on your biltong, what causes it, how to save your snack, and whether or not you even need to worry. [READ MORE]

20 Ways to Enjoy Biltong Like a South African

20 Ways to Enjoy Biltong Like a South African

While we tend to think of biltong as an on-the-go snack, it’s actually a very versatile food. There are many ways to enjoy it, both as a snack and as part of a meal. Are you surprised to hear that biltong can be an ingredient in a delicious meal? Keep in mind that biltong and jerky are worlds apart. While jerky is artificially flavored and only serves as a snack, the natural meat flavor of biltong lends itself to a variety of delicious meals, much like prosciutto and salami. [READ MORE]

Biltong, the Hottest South African brand

Biltong, the hottest South African brand

Is biltong on its way to becoming a South Africa -only brand? With Champagne as perhaps the most famous example of region-specific branding and an infamous (and failed) “coup” on the biltong name by Swiss company Catora AG, the battle for territorial recognition of this delicious snack could be interesting to watch. Yet South Africa is far from the only country to benefit from the biltong boom – a leading US biltong manufacturer has seen its profits increase by 500%. [READ MORE]

Coming to America: The Story of Stryve Biltong

Coming to America: The Story of Stryve Biltong2

For a long time, biltong has had a hard time gaining acceptance on American shores. The reason, of course, is twofold. First, America and beef jerky go hand in hand. Secondly, there were (outdated) food regulations by the FDA about drying and cooking meat. Enter, Stryve Biltong with their bold slogan: “Biltong is what jerky wants to be.” Keep on reading for this interesting story we’ve got to tell you. [READ MORE]

How to Cut Biltong Like a Professional

How to cut biltong like a professional

Once you’ve built your biltong box, hung your meat, balanced the airflow, and cured it like a pro, how do you take the final hurdle to make delicious biltong? Today we’re taking a deep dive into how to cut biltong like a pro, using knives, manual and electric cutters and other little biltong-making tips and tricks you can use to perfect your biltong flavor experience. [READ MORE]

Who can eat biltong?

It’s no secret by now that we see biltong as a versatile, protein-rich snack that everyone can enjoy. But when we say “everyone,” do we really mean everyone? Who can eat biltong without hesitation? Let’s take a closer look at children, pets, and pregnant women. [READ MORE]

Is biltong healthier than jerky?

Is biltong healthier than jerky

We’re often asked if biltong is healthier than jerky. In fact, it’s probably the number one question asked about biltong vs jerky! The quick answer is yes, it is- but why? How can there be such a difference in quality between two meat snacks that seem very similar? Let’s dive a little deeper into the facts. [READ MORE]

Is Biltong Raw Meat?

Is Biltong Raw Meat

It’s an incredibly common question to see asked from those who don’t know much about Biltong. “Is Biltong Raw Meat?” The answer is surprisingly complicated- which is why we’re here to break it down for you today. The quick answer is that no, biltong is not raw, technically speaking, but it is classified as such for some purposes. [READ MORE]