Is Biltong Raw Meat?

Is Biltong Raw Meat

It’s an incredibly common question to see asked from those who don’t know much about Biltong. “Is Biltong Raw Meat?” The answer is surprisingly complicated- which is why we’re here to break it down for you today. The quick answer is that no, biltong is not raw, technically speaking, but it is classified as such for some purposes.


How to build your own biltong box (with just IKEA material)

How to build your own biltong box with IKEA material

At we designed a biltong box starting from an IKEA EKET cabinet. We’ll take you through all the steps in detail, so you can create one at home. We’ll go over the components and tools you need, how to prepare the components, how to put everything together and add how to add some flair to your new biltong box.


Can I take South African biltong home with me?

As biltong is a food item, there will always be laws on who can import and export it. These laws can also be very different from country to country. And yes, while it may surprise you to learn this, even taking a food item home as a gift or personal use counts as ‘import and export’ when we’re talking about food! While we’ve done our best to make sure this is only the very best, up-to-date information on who can import biltong and remember that excise rules can change quickly, it’s always best to have a quick word with your local area authorities.


Biltong’s Popularity, Market Size in Serious Growth

No official estimates have been given for the annual production of biltong in South Africa. However, sources state that several large producers ship over 100 tons of biltong yearly. The total annual production is thought to be thousands of tons. In 2019, Closwa Biltong, Namibia’s largest biltong manufacturer, produced up to 1660 tonnes of product per annum. There are few countries in the world where biltong is as popular as it is in Namibia. Millions of locals and tourists enjoy it every day, and the finest brands are exported throughout Africa.


Biltong for beginners

What is the best meat for biltong? The easy answer is that almost any meat will do- there are even people making tasty dried meat with chicken and fish- but to get the very best results every time, there’s some biltong making tips you should know starts with getting the perfect cut of meat.


Does Biltong Fit Your Diet? The Shocking Answer is YES

Maybe you’ve decided it’s time for a healthier lifestyle, or perhaps you just want to look a few kilos lighter for your highschool reunion. No matter what your motivation may be, finding delicious snacks that fit your diet can be the hardest part. A key part of staying motivated and on-track is the ability to splurge a little on something tasty, but you want to make sure that treat isn’t setting you back, either. Biltong fans far and wide will be thrilled to know that biltong makes an excellent diet snack- and here’s why!


Biltong vs Jerky – What is the difference? The Full Guide

Biltong vs Beef Jerky

Looking for a healthy, diet-friendly snack? Biltong and beef jerky are both dried meat snacks that have gained popularity worldwide. While they may seem similar at first glance, there are key differences in their origins, preparation methods, nutritional profiles, and flavors.  Let’s take a closer look a these healthy, diet-friendly snacks.


What is the ideal biltong drying temperature?

One of the stand-out features of biltong is the soft, moist-yet-snappy texture it gets from its unique method of production. It’s something hard to replicate with mere heating, and it’s one of the key drivers in the differences between beef jerky and biltong. If you’re making biltong at home, how do you make sure you find that perfect sweet spot between safety and taste? Today we look at the right temperature to make biltong, and some nifty tips and tricks to ensure consistent, flavourful batches.


Why is biltong expensive?

Biltong price

When you look at a product as simple and tasty as biltong, it may seem that not much effort goes into the making of it. Then you look at the price tag, and suddenly it doesn’t seem so tasty anymore! While it’s easy to assume that a steep price tag is a ‘ripoff’ or ‘unfair’, there’s actually a very good reason for the price of biltong. Today we dive a little deeper.