Biltong Mould, Everything You Need to Know in 10 Points

Bilong Mould, Everything You Need to Know in 10 Points

What is the white mold on my biltong? Are you worried about mold on your biltong? Don’t worry, we’re here to help! Keep your biltong free from mold the easy way. This is a common question we see, but don’t panic yet! It’s probably not even mold you’re seeing. Today we’re taking a deep dive into the ” white stuff” on your biltong, what causes it, how to save your snack, and whether or not you even need to worry. [READ MORE]

5 Reasons Why You Need a Biltong Cutter and more

5 Reasons Why You Need a Biltong Cutter

If you are like most people and only buy a pack of biltong now and then, you definitely don’t need a biltong cutter. However, if you have the hobby of making your own biltong or even run a small business selling dried meat, there are several reasons why you should invest in one. Why would you buy a dedicated cutter when you can get the job done with a set of knives? The answer is simple: using a cutter or slicer will make your life better and easier in so many different ways. [READ MORE]

Is Biltong Healthy? 7 Shocking Health Benefits of this South African Novelty

Is Biltong Healthy? 7 Shocking Health Benefits of this South African Novelty

Have you ever asked yourself, “Is biltong healthy?” Or are you looking for a tasty snack that won’t hurt your figure? These cured and dried meats are the perfect answer! Whether you enjoy snacking throughout the day while you work or study, biltong is a great snack that is much kinder to your health than most. Biltong is an excellent choice for a delicious, healthy snack. And here’s why! [READ MORE]

Who can eat biltong?

It’s no secret by now that we see biltong as a versatile, protein-rich snack that everyone can enjoy. But when we say “everyone,” do we really mean everyone? Who can eat biltong without hesitation? Let’s take a closer look at children, pets, and pregnant women. [READ MORE]

Is biltong healthier than jerky?

Is biltong healthier than jerky

We’re often asked if biltong is healthier than jerky. In fact, it’s probably the number one question asked about biltong vs jerky! The quick answer is yes, it is- but why? How can there be such a difference in quality between two meat snacks that seem very similar? Let’s dive a little deeper into the facts. [READ MORE]

Is Biltong Raw Meat?

Is Biltong Raw Meat

It’s an incredibly common question to see asked from those who don’t know much about Biltong. “Is Biltong Raw Meat?” The answer is surprisingly complicated- which is why we’re here to break it down for you today. The quick answer is that no, biltong is not raw, technically speaking, but it is classified as such for some purposes. [READ MORE]

Can I take South African biltong home with me?

As biltong is a food item, there will always be laws on who can import and export it. These laws can also be very different from country to country. And yes, while it may surprise you to learn this, even taking a food item home as a gift or personal use counts as ‘import and export’ when we’re talking about food! While we’ve done our best to make sure this is only the very best, up-to-date information on who can import biltong and remember that excise rules can change quickly, it’s always best to have a quick word with your local area authorities. [READ MORE]

Biltong vs Jerky – What’s the difference (and does it matter)?

Biltong vs Beef Jerky

Ask a biltong lover if it’s the same as beef jerky, and you’ll earn a sharp word or two! Yet it’s tempting to assume these two very similar snacks have a lot in common because they do! It’s the differences between beef jerky vs biltong, however, that count the most.  Let’s take a closer look at why biltong is so different from jerky, and how that affects the taste and texture of this healthy, diet-friendly snack. [READ MORE]