Who can eat biltong?

It’s no secret by now that we see biltong as a versatile, protein-rich snack that everyone can enjoy. But when we say “everyone,” do we really mean everyone? Who can eat biltong without hesitation? Take a closer look at children, pets, and pregnant women.

A versatile snack for all ages

It doesn’t matter what you want to eat or snack; biltong brings it to the table. You can find different types of biltong, including beef, chicken, fish, game, and ostrich… There have even been some successful attempts at mushroom biltong for vegetarians!

It’s not just a convenient snack, either. With a tender and succulent taste profile, you can add it to various cooked dishes and even salads. You can even use powdered biltong in soups!

But biltong isn’t just about the taste. Eating biltong has many benefits, including its high protein content and vitamin-rich profile.

It’s certainly one of the safest dried meats on the market, fits easily (and tastily) into a healthy diet – and tastes great too. In addition, there are known health benefits of eating biltong.

However, is there anyone who should not try biltong? Let’s take a look.

Can pregnant women eat biltong?

In South Africa, it is reported that biltong is a common craving for pregnant women. However, is it safe for them to eat biltong during pregnancy?

After all, biltong has an excellent nutritional profile for pregnant women. It’s packed with iron and contains plenty of protein. In addition, it has a great vitamin and mineral profile and a good amino acid profile.

This can help offset pregnancy-induced unhealthy weight gain, help the mom-to-be maintain her blood sugar, and keep the baby healthy.

IMPORTANT: There is one risk that pregnant women need to keep in mind!

Remember that traditional biltong is cured meat, not cooked.

Since the meat is not heated, there is a risk of introducing Listeria bacteria unless you buy it from a carefully controlled source that is meticulous in how it treats its meat.

Many pregnant women eat biltong safely during pregnancy, and their doctors may even recommend it if the mother-to-be has low iron or protein levels.

We recommend being very selective about your source and choosing biltong made from beef biltong over other meats. You should skip it in the first trimester or opt for a mixture of beef jerky and biltong that has been processed by heating.

Can children eat biltong?

This is a resounding yes! Choose grass-fed, well-raised beef biltong for your little ones so they can get the maximum benefit from this protein-rich snack! Unlike many other snacks for kids, it’s low in fat, high in protein, and packed with all the vitamins and minerals they need for a day of fun and play. It’s the perfect way to feed kids on a road trip as it won’t spoil, doesn’t need to be stored in an icebox, and keeps┬áthem energized and happy.

Many South African mothers will give teething infants a piece of biltong to chew as it has the right balance of health, taste, appeal, and texture to soothe sore gums and promote healthy tooth eruption while still being safe to eat.

Can I give biltong to my pets?

Biltong is often used as an enticing snack in dog training, and you can also give a small piece to a kitten and any other naturally carnivorous pet. However, please don’t overdo it! Our pets rely on us to keep them at a healthy weight, and it’s easy to overdo it on the treats and waste their balanced pet food. Try to choose lightly salted biltong or even biltong made for pets over “human” biltong, as the salt and spice mixes used in biltong for humans can be problematic for your pet in large doses.

So the verdict is: Your pets and kids will love it, and so will you! And you’ll love the many benefits of eating biltong even more. So why not try some of our juicy, succulent biltong options today?