Can dogs eat biltong?

The short answer is yes, of course!

But it’s best not to give your dog too much at once, just like..with yourself.

My German Shephard drools when he sees me grabbing some biltong, and of course, I want to share it with my buddy. Though, as with everything in life: in moderation.

There are a few incentives and advantages to giving Biltong to your dog – as it’s just a healthy snack for humans and animals), but with some caveats too.

What kind of Biltong to give to your dog?

I recommend making a separate Biltong batch with lower-quality meat that’s cheaper.

My dog isn’t that picky anyway, I have the impression, and not much of a fine meat connoisseur.

1. The Biltong can not be spicy!

Maybe you like your meat spicey, but your dog surely will not. So that’s a definite thing to look avoid.

Hill’s Pet states this:

“Spicy foods can be toxic for dogs and could cause stomach problems including pain, diarrhea, and gas. Spicy food can also cause excessive thirst, causing your dog to vomit.”

2. Make sure it’s not too salty

Biltong can be quite salty, so rinse it off before feeding it. Dogs can benefit from eating a small amount of salt as part of their diet; however, too much salt can lead to hypernatremia (sodium poisoning), which can be fatal.

3. Cut the Biltong into small, chewable pieces

Watching your dog play and battle with a big piece of meat can be highly entertaining, but it could be dangerous for choking, in the case of dried Biltong.

So keep the pieces small enough according to which kind of dog you have.

4. Portion-size people!

You know how difficult it is to stop eating moderate portions of Biltong for yourself. Right?

Who has a good stash of Biltong that lasts longer than a few days are their home? No-one.

So imagine giving this to your four-footed friend. Yes, they will eat anything they can and will not stop.

Biltong health benefits for your dog

  1. Calories. Biltong has much fewer calories than other snacks typically given to pets as a treat. So please do not make the mistake of giving them Beef Jerky. Beef Jerky is NOT healthy for your dog (fat, preservatives, salt, you name it).
  2. Proteins. Packed with proteins but low in carbohydrates, these tasty morsels are packed with flavor and nutrition while highly digestible. Plus, they help provide your Pet with essential vitamins and minerals like calcium and magnesium.
  3. Little sugar and no preservatives. You can feel good knowing that your pup’s snack time is guilt-free.
  4. Post-work-out snack. The abundance of protein makes it an ideal snack after exercising with your buddy. In addition, Biltong’s balanced profile suits active dogs who need to refuel after playtime or walks and those who are content to lounge around the house.
  5. Perfect for hiking. It’s great for long hikes with your furry friend because it stores easily, is convenient, makes no mess, and is light in weight.
  6. It’s all-natural. The flavoring and preservation of Biltong contain no damaging chemicals. The spices used are all natural and familiar to most people, such as salt, pepper, vinegar, coriander, and paprika – no weird-sounding additives here!
  7. Low fat. This tasty treat has an incredibly low-fat content: 3% or less compared to its meaty counterparts – so it can effectively help them to lose weight. So rest assured, your dog isn’t compromising health for taste; it’s indulging in the best of both worlds.
  8. Very nutritious. Biltong contains an array of micronutrients like zinc, phosphorus, and potassium that help prevent nutrient deficiencies during their dieting journey. It also contains Vitamin B12, zinc, selenium, and niacin — all contributing to a healthy lifestyle.
  9. It helps to teethe for pups. Biting into the delightful biltong flavor can help distract puppies’ discomfort during teething. Meanwhile, chewing on its tough surface provides satisfying relief as they eat with conviction while still maintaining dental hygiene – a winning combination! Make sure to keep pieces VERY size-appropriate because bigger chunks can be hard for puppies to choke on.
  10. Encourages slow eating and chewing. Beef biltong requires time to chew and slows down eating. Many dog dogs eat too fast. A hard piece of Biltong can teach them to chew and eat slower. Chewing on Biltong helps build stronger jaws and muscles. This can be beneficial for their digestion and prevent an upset stomach.
  11. The perfect training reward. Beef biltong makes an ideal reward for training. If you’re looking for a convenient way to reward your furry friend for good behavior, then Biltong will be perfect. Squirming tails will instantly confirm that you’ve chosen the right reward! Yes, we know it’s Pavlov and might feel like a bribe – but it’ll be effective!

Not only is Biltong fun for your dog, but it also helps keep them healthy too!

Some dog and meat background science

Nurturing canine health begins with the right nutrition. And while beef biltong is gaining popularity among humans, there’s debate as to whether it’s best suited for our furry friends.

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that dogs evolved from carnivores and have an increased requirement for proteins and animal fat in their diet.

Therefore, a semi-dry cured snack such as Biltong provides natural protein sources without additives or preservatives, making it an attractive choice.

However, Biltong contains high levels of sodium, which can adversely affect a dog’s health if consumed excessively.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do dogs like Biltong?

Of course, they do. Are you crazy?

What amount of Biltong can I feed my dog?

This depends on the size of your dog and your budget! It should be given as a snack and as a reward, not as a meal. And that goes for you, too, you human reading this.

Since Biltong is great for my dog, can I also give beef jerky?

No. To keep your dog healthy, you should skip beef jerky and consider Biltong. Today’s beef jerky is heavily processed, often including too much salt, flavoring with spices or xylitol, and an abundance of sugar which can all be dangerous to your Pet. Steer clear of it if you want the best for your Pet.

Wrapping up

In conclusion, if fed just a few pieces per week, beef biltong will help very an enjoyable and healthy treat for your dog, which is similar to yourself!


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