Famous Biltong Lovers Quotes

The Best Biltong Quotes That Will Make You Laugh

Biltong lovers are naturally relaxed people who know how to take a break and relax. They’re a bit like surfers … for meat.

Enjoy life, relax, grab a beer or a glass of wine and sit back with some biltong.

We’ve collected the best quotes about biltong.

Biltong is better than sex! – Jonas Christofferson

In South Africa the bread is called Biltong bread and the soup is called biltong soup.

Biltong tastes like the lovechild of jerky and prosciutto – Fox News

Men are simple creatures, only capable of loving one thing. That thing is biltong.

“Not everyone is allowed to have a dog, but everybody can have biltong.” – Tony Mokgoro

“Biltong is one of the few things that you can put in your mouth, chew and instantly swallow. That, is why it is also referred to as ‘liquid meat’.” – Jaap Ackerman

“Biltong has been studied in more than forty universities around the world for its health benefits. It is more than just beef.” – Mike Wilder

American beef jerky is cardboard when compared to biltong. – Reddit

“Well to me, If South Africa had a taste, I’d say it’s Biltong.  One thing I know is when people leave the country they miss Biltong, Pap and Beer.  To someone who has never tried Biltong?

What are you doing with your life, Chap?” – Onthatile

“Men are all biltong with legs, women are all biltong with breasts.” – H. L. Mencken“

“Women really like biltong.” – Former South African Prime Minister, Bathabile Dlamini

Biltong is the best gift you can give to a foodie and friend. It is loved by all, simple and easy to prepare, and has the best taste in the world.

Biltong recipes are also great, especially if you are a biltong newbie. And finally, biltong is made from grasses, which is one reason biltong tastes so good!