20 Ways to Enjoy Biltong Like a South African

While we tend to think of biltong as an on-the-go snack, it’s actually a very versatile food. There are many ways to enjoy it, both as a snack and as part of a meal. Are you surprised to hear that biltong can be an ingredient in a delicious meal?

Keep in mind that biltong and jerky are worlds apart.

While jerky is artificially flavored and only serves as a snack, the natural meat flavor of biltong lends itself to a variety of delicious meals, much like prosciutto and salami.

In South Africa the bread is called Biltong bread and the soup is called Biltong soup.

Planning for a higher protein intake is also a smart way to eat.

Whether you need to meet the macros for a successful keto diet or workout at the gym, or you just want to get over that afternoon slump and put some energy back into your day, more protein will help you feel fuller longer and prepare your body for the tasks you need to do.

1. A new take on surf and turf

Biltong pairs amazingly well with a range of seafood and brings a smoky, gamey flavor to the table.

Why not take the concept of salad to the next level and dress up some crunchy edamame beans, some creamy avocado, and some brain-boosting tuna along with your favorite semi-moist biltong.

This salad is packed with protein and healthy fats that will keep you full all day long.

2. Smokey biltong soups

Add richness and depth to almost any soup recipe with a pinch of biltong powder. Or make it the star of the dish with some special biltong soup recipes.

A traditional South African favourite is biltong and blue cheese, making for a decadent and bold flavour combination you’re sure to love.

3. Dress up a jacket potato

Looking to jazz up a baked potato? Nothing beats some biltong and sour cream on top. This is sure to become a favorite around the campfire!

4. Pair with hard-boiled eggs

Whether you’re looking for a filling snack on the go or want to jazz up a salad, hard-boiled eggs and biltong go together like a match made in heaven.

The biltong provides a delicious, salty counterpoint to the creaminess of the eggs, bringing out the best of both flavors.

5. Grass-fed beef meatballs with a twist

A spoonful or two of biltong powder goes great with both meaty bolognese sauces and meatballs. Your friends and family will be queueing up to ask you for your secrets.

6. Jazz up cheesy dishes

Cheesy dishes like mac ‘n cheese work wonderfully with biltong because the crunchy saltiness of the meat cuts through the heavy richness of the cheese.

7. Banish a babelaas

Did you overindulge too much last night? Banish your hangover the traditional South African way – with “peri-peri” biltong. This is the ultimate chili spice to get some fat into your body and boost your sluggish metabolism, so it’s not for the faint of heart!

“Biltong is one of the few things that you can put in your mouth, chew and instantly swallow. That, is why it is also referred to as ‘liquid meat’.” – Jaap Ackerman

8. Add to roast veggies

Want to add a little secret something to your next veggie roast? Toss some biltong slices in-between your root veggies and peppers, and you’re sure to enjoy the extra delicious taste.

9. Baked breakfast goodies

In the mood for something new for breakfast? Try biltong muffins, or add it to a scrambled egg or omelet. There are even delicious egg, bacon, and biltong “cups” you can try to give breakfast a different twist.

If you want to try something tougher, biltong bread is a delicious toast that will have the whole family begging for more.

10. Pep up a cheeseboard

Biltong pairs beautifully with aged sharp cheeses, blue cheeses, goat cheeses, and creamy cheeses of all kinds, making it a great option for a cheeseboard.

11. Drop in a quiche

We’ve already mentioned how fabulous biltong pairs with eggs and cheese – so imagine how amazing it could make your next quiche?

12. Replace salami on a pizza

Any pizza topping that already tasted great with salami will taste even better with biltong. We promise – just give it a try!

13. Mex-Africana

Biltong goes wonderfully with salsa and sour cream and is also a delicious addition to your taco recipes!

14. Biltong-sushi

Don’t worry; we haven’t gone crazy – we promise this delicious, salty-sweet treat will soon win you over. After all, by many definitions, biltong is technically raw meat, which is a great way to contrast with the salmon and other treats in your sushi.

In fact, biltong and nori seaweed make a fantastic pair in pasta dishes, too.

15. Spice up a sarmie

Whether you like it hot or cold, biltong is the perfect side dish to an array of sandwiches. Throw it in the microwave to reheat, or top it with creamy avocado or blue cheese.

16. Trail mix

While biltong is a fantastic stand-alone snack, it also works heavenly as a trail mix, allowing you a little more variety and the extra nutrients nuts and dried fruit can bring to the table.

17. Biltong and ricotta…anything

Once you discover this combination for yourself, you won’t look back! Biltong and ricotta are a versatile combination that can be used in a number of dishes – we especially love biltong and ricotta fritters.

18. Biltong pate

Biltong makes an excellent pate and is also more environmentally friendly than liver and foie gras too. Combine it with basil for a taste sensation you’ll love.

19. Butternut and biltong

Add some biltong to your next stuffed butternut or squash dish (extra points if you add blue cheese or ricotta), and watch your guests begging for seconds! This is sure to be a hit with anyone who tries it.

20. By itself

Of course, biltong is still a tasty and versatile stand-alone snack that you can take anywhere. So why not keep a bag in your pocket so that about of cravings doesn’t catch you off guard!

No matter how you look at it, biltong’s versatility and subtle delicacy make it your secret weapon in culinary matters. Friends and family alike will wonder what the secret ingredient is. But pssst…if you don’t tell, neither will we!

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  1. I was eating just biltong form the package – it’s nice to learn about the diversity of this cuisine and a little bit about south africa!!!


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