Biltong powder – 12 Delicious Ideas

What Is Biltong Powder?

Biltong powder is made from very dry Biltong that is finely shredded, grated, or ground.

Other names for biltong powder are:

  • biltong dust
  • biltong spice
  • biltong seasoning dust
  • beef biltong powder
  • biltong shavings
  • biltong snuff

You already ate biltong powder; those delicious little tiny bits are left at the bottom of the bag!

You can buy biltong powder in South Africa in the shops — but the rest of us has to make it ourselves!

Biltong Powder is sold as a flavor enhancer in South African stores
Biltong Powder is sold as a flavor enhancer in South African stores.


It is rightly known as the ultimate flavor enhancer to some signature dishes, giving everyone who takes a bite an immediate delight. People can’t help but go back for more because there’s something special about this powder.

Sprinkling it on any meal adds a sweet and bold flavor, giving you a full sensory experience that will drastically enhance your dining.

With each bite, you will be inspired anew by the magic of these tantalizing flavors from South Africa that take your taste buds on an adventure!

Why should you make biltong dust powder?

There are several reasons to make biltong dust:

  1. The number one reason is: simply because you’d like to improve all flavorings in your meals!
  2. Using excess Biltong (if such a thing exists) is a great way to recycle it
  3. Your Biltong became too hard to enjoy eating normally; turning it into biltong powder is an excellent way to make the best use of it
  4. Your Biltong has become a bit moldy, yet you can scrape it off and would like to repurpose the rest.

How to make biltong powder?


  1. When preparing biltong dust, cut off any fat on the meat before cutting it into small strips; this is crucial.
  2. Make sure the Biltong is very dry. Like really hard.
  3. Process the Biltong in a food processor, blender, or cheese shredder to turn it into biltong dust.
  4. Grinding can be done to whatever consistency is desired. However, finer grinds work better for creating an even distribution of flavor throughout a dish, but it’s fun to experiment with.
  5. Get creative with your biltong powder and add different spices, like garlic or cayenne pepper, to make it even more flavorful!
  6. Now, all left is to package it up in an airtight wrap or jar to preserve freshness before consumption.

How to store biltong dust?

Keeping the powder in a cool, dark location is ideal for protecting it from moisture that builds up when stored in the refrigerator.

After placing the jar in a vacuum seal bag, you can store it in the freezer or add oxygen absorbers to extend its shelf life.

Stored properly, it can stay good forever.

Creative ways to Use Biltong Powder

1. Top steaks crusted with Biltong powder

Top steaks crusted with Biltong powder

Revolutionize your dining event with delightful experimentation. Start by obtaining a juicy fillet steak. Smear it with a robust Dijon mustard, dust it with salt and pepper, then conclude with animated biltong dust.

Cover and refrigerate until required, and fry in olive oil to bring out the flavors.

2. Biltong Buttered bread

Bread is no longer a bland option; it’s a blank canvas to conjure something extraordinary. And biltong powder, with its signature flavor and irresistible aroma, does just that! Sprinkle it liberally on some hot, buttered bread for an alluring aroma that will tantalize your taste buds.

This simple recipe can be varied with different spreads and toppings for even bigger flavor revelations.

Not only that, but the mouthfeel and texture of the crisp bread combined with the crunchy yet soft biltong powder is an incredible experience.

Crafting culinary creativity like this elevates classic fare into something new and unusual – delightfully delicious! Get creative once in a while by swapping out everyday ingredients for something ‘extra’ like biltong powder on buttered bread.

3. Enhance your soup with biltong powder

Enhance your soup with biltong powder

Bolt-on the power of surprise and revolutionize traditional soups with a dash of Biltong – you won’t be disappointed! Elevate people’s senses with creative twists on classic recipes – start today!

4. Boost your pizza and pasta!

Boost your pizza and pasta!

Hungry for Pizza South Africa? That’s right. Spice up those pizzas by utilizing biltong powder. After Pizza Hawaii conquered the planet, Pizza South Africa is next in line! Launch from your own home.

Italian connoisseurs may not approve, but adding biltong dust to any pasta will dramatically improve the flavor. You can use either the dust or the cheese on top or combine both! Experiment and have fun!

5. Adding biltong powder to your eggs brings them to life

Adding biltong powder to your eggs brings them to life

Just a small pinch will make all the difference while preparing scrambled eggs. It turns ordinary dishes into extraordinary culinary creations that even experienced gourmands can enjoy.

Best of all, it also changes the routine – perfect for keeping variety in your meals as often as possible! So next time you’d like to shake up the kitchen, remember: all you need is a bit of powdered Biltong!

6. Spice up your stew with Biltong

If you’ve been searching for a game-changing way to make stews more exciting, look no further than adding biltong dust.

Its unique blend of traditional spices can level up the flavor profile like never before and give your stew an unexpected twist that’s sure to be a family favorite.

So don’t settle for just okay when it comes to dinner; upgrade your recipe today with Biltong!

7. Introducing: The Biltong Salad

Introducing: The Biltong Salad

Unorthodox thinking is the key to success. To make something truly delicious, one must be willing to think outside the box and take risks. We want to introduce you to the Biltong Salad – a salad that breaks all the rules.

Instead of adding extra meat for some bite, we suggest sprinkling biltong powder over your favorite salad. Without the bulk of the meat, you’ll still get an intense and delicious flavor boost, leaving guests with a lasting impression.

Moreover, it requires minimal effort but yields maximum flavor without compromising nutrition (or adding fat, like you would with bacon).

8. The biltong cheese sandwich

The biltong cheese sandwich

Sprinkle it on cheese before grilling for an unbeatable twist on items like grilled cheese or cheese toasties – suddenly, you have a mouthwatering sandwich that nobody can resist. And if you get creative, nothing stops you from adding biltong dust to mayo for an unbeatable dip or mixing it into pesto for a unique pasta topping.

9. Biltong-flavored crackers

The key ingredient: is biltong powder sprinkled over your crackers. Rich with umami and smokiness, it’s as unexpected as extraordinary and truly brings out the best of every bite.

Combined with other staples like avocado, mayo, and/or cheese and flavor enhancers like pepper, garlic, and paprika, these crackers embody an extraordinary mix of flavors that your friends will remember!

10. Biltong Dip is a delicious snack

Biltong Dip is a delicious snack

The mouthwatering flavor is at our fingertips. Biltong Dip is a culinary creation that excites the palate and pleases everyone around the table. A simple mix of biltong powder, cream cheese, and a hint of seasoning add to an irresistible savory indulgence.

Spread it over warm, buttered toast, or use it as a dip for delicious home-baked rolls.

11. Grilled Vegetables with Biltong Topping

Grilled Vegetables with Biltong Topping

Grill vegetables to perfection with a subtle smoky flavor. Then, sprinkle biltong dust and a pinch of sea salt over them as you lift them from the flames. Add a pinch of garlic or cayenne pepper to add extra flavor.

This indulgent topping will take your side dish from ordinary to extraordinary. Biltong dust adds a salty-sweet kick that complements any entrée you put on the plate. Plus, it’s packed with umami goodness that drives home the grilled taste and texture as you savor each bite.

12. Roasted Potatoes with Biltong Seasoning

Roasted Potatoes with Biltong Seasoning

As butter melts, steam rises, and salt, mushrooms, and biltong powder blend on freshly cooked potatoes. This combination of ingredients produces a delectable flavor that tantalizes your taste buds – a fun science experiment!


Get creative with food and try something new with these delicious biltong powder recipes that take you out of your culinary comfort zone!

Consequently, you can mix biltong powder into almost any dish!

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